Roller coaster

The theme park was deserted.
Her phone started ringing.  “I gotta take this.” she took her phone out.

“It’s my boyfriend.”

She walked away. Mumbled some words to the phone and came back fixing her hair.

“Sorry, he can be a real jerk at times.”

“But hey,  let’s take a ride in the roller-coaster.”,  She said.

“No, I’ll pass”, I told her.  I wasn’t in the mood.

“You’re such a baby. Stop being scared of Roller-coasters.” she smirked and patted my shoulder.

“I’m not scared”, I said.

“I just don’t like the reflex of falling and not being able to fall.”

Astounded, She stared at me.

Her hair was flying in the wind.

The longest walk

I regret my choice ;  It hurts letting go,

You heard it in my voice ; I’m sure you know.

Passing the gate; looking back at you,

I put my trust in faith, I hope you do too.


I am walking the longest walk,

Waiting for your heart to talk.


(I do not own this poem. I happened to see it somewhere ages back and I did really like it.)

Matt Taylor, Feminism and Strippers

Matt Taylor, the scientist who landed Philae on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko by the Rosetta mission?  No. The sexist guy wore a shirt with a design of bikini-clad women and disgraced himself.

blog1 So for a start off,  Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. But just like everything else (religion, politics etc.) this is coming to its extremes. The whole idea of feminism was very reasonable when it started in early 19th century but with the recent phenomenon of Matt Taylor it’s clearly getting on to its peaks. Of course, me being a guy I’m all up for women having the same rights as men but the problem arises when the gender equality turns in to a gender superiority which vividly is now.  So basically the feminism started off as a concept of upbringing the gender equality but the modern feminism (Yes I’m gonna get threatened by feminists) is a joke.   Even taking the Matt Taylor’s incident in to the consideration, he’s basically wearing a shirt which has photos of semi naked women on it.  I’ll be glad to see a girl wearing a tshirt with my face on it so what’s the whole hassle about? No guy gives a flying fuck when Beyonce Knowles sings “Who run the world ? Girls” but now imagine One Direction… no wait not them, imagine Asking Alexandra singing “Who run the world ? Boys” in a screamo voice. Yes, The whole female population would go haywire. And Yes, double standards.   If you think about it, different genders have different privileges. Men are believed to be more self-defensive, hard working, good in leadership,strong while being a women gets you protection, special attention, etc. Yes gender discrimination is wrong. But the Gender Diversity? It exists and you can’t change it. A music video with a young teenage guy having few bikini girls around him would be socially acceptable while a young teenage girl having few topless guys grinding around her can get the video director arrested. The possibilities of you getting laid as a guy would depend on your money, the state of owning a car, a place, looks and then money again while the only thing a girl needs to get laid being having a vagina. well, minus some self reputation. And I came across this cool website called Women Against Feminism, you should definitely check it out. Click here to submit your picturevisit us on Facebook </p><br /> <p> Click here to submit your picturevisit us on Facebook</p><br /> <p> Click here to submit your pictureVisit us on Facebook  So after considering such women’s opinions on feminism, it’s just a matter of understanding that, Gender discrimination and gender diversity is two different things.  Male attention (Yes including the whistles but yeah everything has its limits) is a way of showing gender diversity not a way of discrimination. Why would you feel discriminated in the first place? It’s just a method of complimenting. Like guys don’t whistle at every girl, you need to be ‘hot’ to get whistled at.   But yeah the whole ‘women can’t wear short clothes since it’s an invitation to rape’ bullshit should wipe away. It’s basically a part of growing which has nothing to do with gender diversity.  The sad story is that all the campaigns against rape is acting having a face of feminism which is totally irrelevant. So guys please act responsibly. If you still get an erection seeing a girl wearing a skirt up to her knees, you need therapy. And as the Barney Stinson would have said but couldn’t say in the whole 208 episodes in HIMYM.

“Don’t rape, Seduce.”

So feel free to comment your opinions below. Take some of your time in the Women against Feminism page and have a look through. You’ll realize how hilarious modern feminism is. Moral of the story : Modern feminism ? No, Gender Equality? Yes. p.s. : If you feel like buying that cool shirt, go ahead here’s the link.